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Top Quality Patio Cleaning For Relaxing Outdoor Spaces

Patio cleaning

Like anywhere else globally, patios are traditionally places for friends and family to gather in the West Bloomfield area. So to keep your patio tidy and comfortable, you will need a patio cleaning at least once every year. However, if a patio is in heavily shaded areas, or is often wet by storms, receives runoff, or is in range of sprinklers, the patio may require more cleaning.

At Monroe Soft Wash Plus, our patio cleaning methods have been considered top-notch with our customers in West Bloomfield. We use the same techniques in our house washing service, with the right combination of pressure and flow to remove all kinds of surface dirt from your patio. We can also blast away unsightly mold, mildew, and algae. In addition, our experienced technicians are always careful to tailor the water pressure and temperature we use to the material's needs to avoid damaging softer pavers or stones. We handle many types of patio surfaces, including:

Depending on how soiled your patio is, hot water and pressure may be enough to get it clean. But if you have any oily or greasy stains, we will likely need to use a cleaning agent to help lift them. We only use high-quality cleaning agents that are both effective and safe for the environment. After the patio cleaning, we apply a sealant to protect the surface against future dirt, grime, and stains. Having a sealed patio will also enhance the look and luster of your patio. We offer various sealers to choose from depending on your patio's material and your goals for its appearance and performance. With Monroe Soft Wash Plus, you'll get a thorough patio cleaning that will not only restore your patio's brilliance but will preserve it so that it retains its luster for a long time to come.

Deck Washing

We understand that your deck or patio is an outdoor extension of your home. It's one of the first things visitors see when you host any outdoor activities. It's only natural that you would want it to look its best at all times. Unfortunately, it's probably safe to say that it won't.

Since they're outside, decks take about the same amount of damage as your sidewalks and walkways. Weathering from the rain and other precipitation can cause discoloration, while dirt and debris can build into a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria. That excess dirt and grime can affect your deck's overall appearance and cause your deck to deteriorate faster.

That's why we offer professional deck cleaning to prolong your deck's structural integrity and outward appearance. Our deck cleaning services use a low-pressure water cleaning system that can remove years of dirt and discoloration from your deck without causing any additional damage to the wood. So whether your deck is made of wood, Trex, or any other surface imaginable, Monroe Soft Wash Plus has the capabilities to safely and effectively remove excess stains and dirt build-up, making your deck look new again.

Porch Cleaning

The same as your patio or deck, your porch is a great outdoor extension in your home. It is an outstanding location to relax. It can be used for family gatherings and is also a great place to receive guests. But the ever-changing weather brings with it lots of mold, mildew, and dust, which could latch onto your porch and make it look dull.

To make sure that it remains a secure and appealing place to entertain your guests and relax, it needs maintenance frequently. With Monroe Soft Wash Plus, our porch pressure washing services use eco-friendly cleaners which clean your porch while ensuring no damage comes to the plants or trees around it. We'll remove the built-up dirt and debris hidden under the deck, and you can rest assured that your porch will come back looking as good as new. With Monroe Soft Wash Plus, you can relax knowing that getting the best pressure washing for West Bloomfield.

So if you're looking for patio washing for your West Bloomfield property, look no further than Monroe Soft Wash Plus for your exterior cleaning and pressure washing needs. Call us for a consultation and an estimate today!

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